Wyoming Adoption and Foster Care Alliance Conference

This past Saturday, November 10th, Judy Winger, CCAI’s Director of Adoptions, joined a group of adoption professionals with adoptive & foster care families for the 3rd annual Wyoming Adoption and Foster Care Alliance Conference in Casper, Wyoming!  The conference welcomed over 70 adoptive and foster parents and families who joined professionals from 4 different adoption agencies.  The day provided an opportunity for professionals & adoptive families to share their knowledge and experiences in adoption and foster care, with attendees seeking information to guide them through their own “Journey of Adoption and Foster Care.”  Families all had amazing stories to share about their own adoption experiences, helping other families seeking information and education to be well prepared and successful with their own adoption story.  Families helping families!  It’s always a great thing to see and be a part of.

Though only a day long, it was a day chalk-full of sharing and learning.  CCAI is so happy we could be a part of such a great event!

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